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Rice Paper Masking Tape

Premium Masking Tape-Less time masking, Highest Quality Job!

Key Benefits

  • Thin is better than thick! 
  • Flat is better than crepe!
  • Fastest tape for masking a car
  • Reduces time
  • Saves money
  • Highly conformable
  • Smooth, straight paint edges
  • Less flaking upon removal
  • Less paint-edge build up
  • Residue free, even at 300°+
  • UV resistant up to 60 days
UrAmask® premium masking tape is a professional quality, acrylic based masking tape. Created with an ultra thin backing and a specially designed adhesive, you only have to do the job once to get the superior results that automotive professionals need.
  • Less Paint Buildup And Cleaner Lines
  • Easy, Residue Free Removal
  • Weather Resistant
  • UrAmask® Washi tape remains the same color without adhesive residue even if it is used at 302°F/ 150°C for 30 minutes.
  • This tape does not break when peeling, but can be easily torn or cut by hand.
  • The back side of UrAmask® will not repel paint during the paint masking process.
  • UrAmask® Washi tape is designed to give an excellent paint break line when used during paint masking.

Washi (和紙) is a style of paper that was first made in Japan. Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia chrysantha), or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.

Washi is generally tougher than ordinary paper made from wood pulp, and is used in many traditional arts. Origami, Shodo, and Ukiyo-e were all produced using washi. Washi was also used to make various everyday goods like clothes, household goods, and toys as well as vestments and ritual objects for Shinto priests and statues of Buddha. It was even used to make wreaths that were given to winners in the 1998 Winter Paralympics. Several kinds of washi, referred to collectively as Japanese tissue, are used in the conservation and mending of books. Washi has also found a new form, as a tape, usually combined with acrylic glue. It is similar to masking tape in that it is removable from most surfaces.

Do it Once, do it Right with UrAmask Products™


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